Frequently Asked Questions

What classes should I take?
View our lesson descriptions to decide where you best fit. If you have questions or are uncertain, ask the person at the door to find an instructor to talk to. They can offer more information about what the week’s classes entail.

What kind of shoes and clothes should I wear?
Shoes should be comfortable and stay on your feet easily. They should be smooth enough on the bottom to allow you to pivot on your feet, but provide enough traction to stay in control. Many dancers wear leather or suede bottomed shoes. Keds-type footwear and other low-friction street shoes work as well. We do not recommend applying tape to your shoes, as it often leaves a sticky residue on the floor and the shoe. For swing dance, most women opt for flats or low heels.

Clothing should also be comfortable, allow circulation, and allow you to raise your arms above your head. Casual clothes or fancier attire are both acceptable. If you choose to wear a skirt, consider how high it rises when spinning and plan your wardrobe choices accordingly.

Are lead and follow positions determined by gender roles?
No, anyone can learn to lead or follow, regardless of gender. In fact, many swing dancers eventually learn some of both roles. We encourage people to pursue whichever role they want to learn at the time.

Do I need to bring my own partner?
No, we rotate partners throughout the lesson. During the social dance, people typically change partners after every song.

What if I have a specific partner I want to dance with the whole night?
That’s fine. During the lesson, you and your partner can stay with each other instead of rotating. However, we encourage rotating partners, as you will learn faster by dancing with many different people.

Do you have a Code of Conduct?
Yes. We highly encourage reading it. It outlines some of our norms for the dance floor and our intent to make the venue a safe space.

What if I don’t want to dance with someone who asks me, or I don’t want to dance with them in a particular way?
You have every right to politely decline a dance or style and you do not need to give a reason (see the Code of Conduct). While we encourage people to try dancing with everyone regardless of ability, there are some very legitimate reasons an askee may decline a dance that the asker should respect. If you ask someone to dance several times and they repeatedly turn you down, you should assume that person has reasons they are not interested in dancing with you.

Is this a good way to meet potential romantic partners?
No. We are NOT a pickup joint. There are a few bars on the same street and if you are looking to connect with someone in that way, please hang out there instead. People come to Swing Set Lounge because they are interested in improving their dancing and having fun, not to be leered at or hit on. If we receive complaints that you are treating our space this way, we reserve the right to ask you to leave without a refund, as per our Code of Conduct.

Do you have a student discount?

Will you teach ______ style that’s not listed on the calendar?
Tell us what you want to learn. We want to know! If we get enough interest in particular styles, we can make arrangements to teach it in a single class, month-long class, or workshop.

Yes, the student price is $8 for one or two lessons & social dance with a current student ID.